Industry solutions

For all applications and all loads

We offer a complete product range for special industries that meets their individual requirements – from the automotive industry to maintenance applications – enabling you to implement every project and to achieve every target.

Whether simple, complex or too difficult for others.

Over the last few decades, we have established a world-wide company with such a comprehensive product range comprising workplace equipment to container port organisation that you really have no reason for not contacting us whenever your crane applications are concerned.

This is the way most investors all over the world think - in China or in Rostock or in Garching.

This is nothing revolutionary.

Every good department store wants to offer you this service: Everything from one source.

We meet this need and our customers like it, too: Demag, the Harrod's, the Macy's for crane systems?

Not everyone wants to or can afford to do this.

And that is what makes the difference: You need to appreciate it.

This is how we have become what we are: Demag. The largest supplier of crane systems with the most comprehensive product range, represented almost all over the world - for your benefit.

Demag – Ideas to take your load.

DEMAG Cranes & Components